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These are all original musical compositions made by your's trully, Dwight Delleva.

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This is the lyrics of the music i composed for breeze:
Note that this are really poems put together

pet a poetic
do romantic
must be hectic
so intricate
so delicate
so the line
be not sublime
and must rhyme
clipped in thinking
summed deep meaning
freezes the fire
whispers the lyre
in loved with thorns
grow roots with roses
uncover its horns
and rode with horses

Napone noted nonchalantly noble nobody
Needs narcotic, not nicotine medicine

And burning glow shine was the sun
And cry was heard from servant’s choir
And scorched the tress’ figs, leaves and roots and stems
And fruits and dreams and hopes and clings

You close the book and end the page
Of death and cram that rattles ram
And kill a cow and paint its blood
On cloth and wood and cardboard broad from wounds

to be continued...

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